Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Laboratory of climatization technologies and techniques of diffusion and control

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The Laboratory of Air Treatment and Control of Air Conditioning Installations allows us to show and test various air conditioning systems using different terminal units and heat transfer fluids (water and/or air). The control system can be modified to test different control strategies and adjust different parameters or PID controller constants. It has a complete monitoring system that allows the measurement and visualization of the main variables (air humidity, temperatures, flows and pressures) as well as perform calculations of power consumed. By analyzing the data, the monitoring system can calculate the energy efficiency of each system tested.

The laboratory is composed of a heat pump and an air treatment unit (ATU) with enthalpy recovery, flow control by frequency converter and air temperature control by regulating the flow of cold/hot water to the battery of the ATU.

The laboratory has the following air conditioning systems and controllers:

Regarding the management and regulation system, the laboratory has compact and programmable controllers. It also has a monitoring and management station with the XWorks Plus and DESIGO INSIGHT software from SIEMENS for the development of the control system, controller programming, installation regulation, monitoring and real-time data collection of all probes and states of the dampers and valves of the laboratory. The installed automation stations are as follows:

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