Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Master Theses


Autor Title Date
Abdurahman Hasan Assagaf Performance Study of Ammonia-Lithium Nitrate Absorption-Compression Heat Pumps for Simultaneous Heating and Cooling Applications February 2023
Hamza Chabane Modelling and performance simulation of a membrane distillation system for desalination of feed streams with high salinity February 2023
Addarda Irsyad Usman Technical and Economic Evaluation of Advanced Solar Heat Driven Absorption Chillers February 2023
Septio Kaesyarif Modelling And Performance Simulation Of A Small Capacity Pasteurization Unit Integrated With A Heat Pump System February 2023



Autor Title Date
Ruslan Kotegov Energy analysis of an integrated solar-driven air conditioning system using an absorption chiller with condensation heat recovery and an air-handling unit with a desiccant wheel and evaporative cooling September 2022
Victor Canela Sanchez Análisis de viabilidad técnico-económica para la integración de bombas de calor de alta temperatura en la industria de procesado de alimentos September 2022
Abiodun Olatokunbo Abiola Study of a Combined Heating and Power System Based on A PEM Fuel Cell For Building Applications September 2022
Aldo Ruben Jimenez Carlson Energy Analysis of Health Center Buildings of Public Health Services in Veracruz Using EnergyPlus™ September 2022
David E. Avilés Rojas Energy Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells as Micro-Combined Heat and Power Source July 2022
Rainanda M. Ajnannadhif Seasonal Performance Analysis of a Renewable Heating and Cooling System for an Environmentally Controlled Greenhouse with Tomato Crops in a Mediterranean Climate July 2022


Autor Title Date
Fahreza Ramadhan Evaluation of Conventional Air Conditioning Systems for Indoor Air Quality and Airborne Virus Mitigation in Highly Occupied Indoor Space November 2021