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Congresses from 2022

XII National and III International Conference on Engineering Thermodynamics. June 2022. Madrid (Spain)

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  • Overview and analysis of hydrogen-based polygeneration systems with the integration of reversible absorption heat pumps. A.Atienza Márquez, J.C. Bruno, A.Coronas
  • Analysis of operating conditions of water/air cooled water/LiBr absorption chillers for cooling and heating applications. H. A. Tariq, M. Bourouis, J.Prieto, A. Coronas

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15th IIR-Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants; June 13-15 ' Trondheim, Norway

Large-temperature-lift heat pumps for simultaneous heating and cooling applications in the dairy industry. Dereje S. AYOU, Cordin ARPAGAUS, Stefan S. BERTSCH, Alberto CORONAS.

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CYTEF 2022 − XI Congreso Ibérico ' IX Congreso Iberoamericano de Ciencias y Técnicas del Frío. Cartagena, España, 17-19 abril, 2022

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An Overview of Heat Pump Systems and Technologies for Simultaneous Cooling and Heating Applications. A. Coronas, D.S. Ayou.

Energy and exergy analysis of H2O/LiBr absorption heat pumps for combined heating and cooling applications. J. Prieto, D.S. Ayou and A. Coronas.

Experimental study of water absorption process on horizontal tube falling film absorber with libr + ionic liquid as additive for heating and cooling applications. H. A. Tariq, Juan Prieto, Alberto Coronas.

European Hydrogen Energy Conference 18-20 May, 2022. Madrid, Spain

Potential uses of the heat released in hydrogen fuel cells: Overview and case-study analysis. A. Atienza-Márquez, J.C. Bruno and A. Coronas

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7th National and 1st International Conference Refrigeration and Air Conditioning NCRAC 2022 24-26th February 2022 (India)

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Development of small-scale solar refrigeration systems for rural agri-food preservation applications. A. Coronas.

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