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Congresses from 2021

International Conference on Polygeneration October 4-6, 2021, Zaragoza( Spain).

Advanced absorption chiller with internal heat recovery. A. Coronas, J. Prieto.

Workshop III: Smart and Local Renewable Energy District Heating and Cooling Solutions for Sustainable Living. ICP 2021. A. Coronas, J. Prieto.

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Bio-oil as cutter stock in fuel oil blends for industrial applications. P. G. Palmay , J.C. Bruno, A. Coronas.

Performance analysis of a reversible water/LiBr absorption heat pump connected to district heating network for space cooling, heating, and DHW provision in warm and cold climates. M. Fa'iq Vidi W., D. S. Ayou, A.Coronas.

Integration of a system with solar thermal energy and biomass for the heating and cooling control of a greenhouse in Mediterranean climates. J. Prieto, R. M. Ajnannadhif, P. Fernández del Olmo, A. Coronas.

A feasibility study of a small-scale photovoltaic-powered reverse osmosis desalination plant for potable water and salt production in Madura Island: a techno-economic evaluation. Habibie M. Ega, Dereje S. Ayou, Nizar Amir, Alberto Coronas.

Renewable heat powered Polygeneration System based on an advanced absorption cycle for rural communities. P. Kumar G., Dereje S. Ayou, Narendran Chidambaram, R. Saravanan, P.M. Maiya, A.Coronas.

Ammonia-based compression heat pumps for simultaneous heating and cooling applications in milk pasteurization processes: performance evaluation. Reza Hargiyanto, Dereje S. Ayou, Alberto Coronas

12th International Conference on Thermofluids 2021, November 10th - 11th, 2021, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

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Modelling and Simulation of A Single-Zone Highly Occupied Indoor Space to Minimize Aerosol Exposure and Energy Consumption of HVAC Systems. F. Ramadan, D. S. Ayou, J. Prieto, A. Coronas.

Reversible water/LiBr absorption heat pumps. Current status and new developments. A. Coronas.

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6th IIR Conference on Thermophysical Properties and Transfer Processes of Refrigerants (TPTPR021), September 1-3, 2021, Padova (Italy)

Modelling of thermodynamic properties of the CO2/acetone mixture in a wide range of temperature and pressure for resorption refrigeration systems. G. E. Ramírez-Ramos, D. Salavera, Y.Coulier, K. Ballerat-Busserolles, A.Coronas.

Determination in-situ of the Ionic Liquid/H2O mixture composition by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to study the absorption process of water into the solution. M. S. Larrechi, D. Salavera, J.Prieto, A. Coronas.

Viscosity and mass diffusion coefficient of ammonia/ethylammonium nitrate mixtures. R. Rives, D. Salavera, A. Coronas

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International Sorption Heat Pump Conference 2021 (ISHPC2021), August 22-25, 2021, Berlin (Germany)

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A preliminary analysis of the influence of mass diffusivity on the performance of ammonia/ionic liquids absorption refrigeration cycles. R. Rives, A. Coronas.

Experimental evaluation of the water absorption process in a horizontal tube falling film absorber with aqueous solutions of [Emim][OAc] and different tube materials. J. Prieto, Daniel Salavera, Alberto Coronas

Experimental characterization by thermal and mass effectivenesses of plate heat exchangers in NH3-LiNO3 absorption chillers. A. Altamirano , Benoit Stutz , Nolwenn Le Pierrès , Alberto Coronas

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